How to break in a composite bat

We always get so many questions about how to break in a composite bat properly. After buying a composite bat, the first thing you need to do is, break it in. Alloy bats are not required any break-in period & ready to play after just purchasing. But composite bats are made of different materials. They need a break in period to reach up to its full potential & also for more durability of the bat. For this, you need to know the proper way to break in a composite bat. This is a fun & very easy process. Just follow the steps as below-


Get a baseball bat in hand. At first, you need to hit the ball off the tee. So just check, if there is any rotation index on the bat. If not then just follow the sticker & logo on the bat because you need to rotate the bat ¼’’ before each hit.


Like this, you need to hit the tee ball around 150-200 times. When you start hitting the tee ball, start swinging the bat with 45-50% power. Every time try to increase little bit power. Every time your composite bat should be rotated ¼’’.It’s very important to cover all around the bat. Otherwise, a break-in process will not be proper.


After successfully swinging the bat around 150 times, your new baseball bat is fully prepared for the next step of the break-in process. Now you need to hit the soft tossed ball around 50 times. Just swing the bat by hitting a softly tossed ball. Get someone to toss the ball to you.


After swinging the bat over a soft toss ball, you need to make another 50 swings of the bat. Get someone to throw balls at you. You need to hit the ball 50 times with your new composite bat in a medium speed. This whole process shouldn’t take more than 1 hour.

Now you know how to break in a composite bat. We hope you follow this guideline. Because for a composite bat, a break-in period is so important for its lifespan & for reaching its full hitting capability. After purchasing a composite bat, if you forget to do break in processing, then your bat might break after playing a short time. 

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