Louisville Slugger 2018 Select 718 USA Baseball Bat Reviews

When choosing youth baseball bat model, you need to be in the same platform as per the requirements of your relevant league. Make sure you know your league requirements. If your league requires USA Baseball Bat standard, then undoubtedly this Louisville Slugger 2018 Select 718(-10) model youth baseball bat is a great selection. Below are the key points of this bat, which will be useful for your knowing & also if you are planning to get one of the best bat deals.

Louisville Slugger 2018 Select 718 USA Baseball Bat


Bat specifications:
This is a three piece bat, with barrel diameter 2 5/8’’, drop ratio -10, bat length available from 29’’ to 32’’ & hybrid construction with alloy barrel & 100% composite handle. This is a USABat & meets the standard of USA Baseball 2018 rules.

Player age limit:
Generally, this bat is suitable for age limit 9-12 players of normal growth. There are different lengths of this bat from 29’’-32’’. Of course, players physical structure wise bat length may vary a lot. Also if a player’s height range is between 49’’ to 68’’, then you can find a suitable size of this bat. You just need to click on below ‘Check price’ button for that.

The bat is much more durable with the barrel & handle design it has. The combination of this alloy barrel & composite handle blends more power & durability together. Handle grip is new custom lizard skin grip which is pretty unique in structure. This youth bat is a season-long performer with no major quality concern unless you misuse it.

Swing Speed:
This Louisville Slugger bat is really well built with very balanced weight distribution. Bat swing speed feels so lightweight & this quality helps the player hit the ball real hard. Lightweight Speed Ballistic composite end helps for more swing speed. The player can understand that this bat a bit end loaded but it is fully balanced & doesn’t hamper the swing speed.

Hitting Capability:
Hitting capability is one of the most important features of a youth baseball bat. With 2 5/8’’ alloy barrel this is one of the best big barrel bats & this bat is a champion when it comes to hitting. Contact hitters & power hitters would love to hit with this bat because the ball will be out of the park if the ball is hit well. Alloy barrel & 100% composite handle mechanism helps to increase more flexibility which is helpful for hard hitting. Strong players would love the weight balance of this bat because this brings more hitting from them.

Sweet Spot:
There is a Large sweet spot at the middle part of the barrel. If the ball is hit right at the sweet spot, the most possible outcome is, the ball will be out of the field. Brings power in hitting. Sufficient to make a batter confident.

Vibration & Sting:
Anyone who played baseball for a long or short time knows how painful a sting can be after a poor hit ball. I saw many players want to quit playing baseball because of this sting. After hitting the ball, vibration is the main reason for the sting in hand. If the ball is not hit from the sweet spot, then this might affect in hand. This Louisville Slugger youth bat has practically almost no vibration. So there is no question of stinging.TRU3 technology is inserted in this bat which helps to decrease vibration & ensures smooth feel after ball contact. Undoubtedly, this is a huge advantage that anyone would want.

The bat has decent pop in it but it’s not like 1.15 bpf bats of last year. You will love the sound after you hit the ball well. In comparison to most of the youth bats of 2018, it’s good.

This bat is USA Baseball certified. Meets standards of 2018 new rules of youth baseball leagues under USA Baseball. Little League, AABC, Babe Ruth, Cal Ripken, Dixie Youth, Pony Baseball should be approved for this bat. But we recommend you to confirm by your relevant league before using it.

What people like most

  • No vibration on ball contact
  • Very smooth & comfortable handle design
  • Good durability
  • Lightweight swing speed
  • Powerful hitting

What people dislike most

  • Expensive

Commonly asked questions:

1. Is this bat suitable for high schoolers?
Answer: Most of the high school leagues require BBCOR bat. It’s a USABat. You should check with your league because every league has their own specifications & requirements.

2. What is the best benefit of this bat?
Answer: This bat has almost no vibration & causes no sting in hand.

Last few words
In this article, we went into details as shortly as possible. All the pieces of information that are provided, based on a lot of research & practical user experience so that you can choose the best youth bat. This Louisville Slugger 2018 Select 718(-10) youth baseball bat is one of the best available in market & we highlighted you the most important features of this bat. Hope this helps with your decision. You can check price & some other details by clicking on the below button.

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